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Since my first semester in ITP, I wish to build projects that can make people to connect/ interactive with product or installation between person to person or people to people.

Last summer, I joined a charity to help 3rd world countries for my Design for Unicef Class. After I visited Nicaragua, I could see one reason why third world countries' people couldn’t develop their countries and their societies. The reason was people could not collaborate well. I started to research a good story of collaboration. I found one which called “Saemaul Movement" ; the new community movement in South Korea.

This campaign changed South Korea where could open Olympic in 1988 to join the ranks of advanced countries from the underdeveloped country. Rain flow into lakes and rivers. The lakes and rivers take it back to the ocean. As you know a person can become a group. A group can have a power to have a success story for a wish.
I started to think about ways that make people to interactive each other to help others and make a people to be united to make a group or movement to help others with love.

We love to touch however we may begin to receive less and less touch when we grow older. Hand in hand action is the most important expression to create a group or to show that become a union with others. Based on Somatosensory Homunculus, your hands are the destinations for the majority of information coming from your brain. People are all born with a great need for touch with hands. To thrive, newborns must be fed touch as much as food.
Social network users’ main focus is staying in touch. Two-thirds of adults use social media like Facebook, Tweeter and LinkedIn, primarily to maintain connections to friends and family. It’s really good for keeping touch others however sometimes we lost emotional feelings with online virtual world with new technologies.
Hand in hand, the interactive installation can help people to connect each other emotionally by their hands for collaboration. We can have an opportunity to identify our forgotten emotional feelings again with this interactive installation.